Using LoyaltyLion and together allows you to increase conversion by incentivizing product reviews with the help of your loyalty program.

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Why LoyaltyLion and is a review platform that helps your business to build trust and increase conversion. By linking LoyaltyLion and, you can collect more organic reviews that enhance credibility and boost sales.

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Collect organic reviews, reward your customers and increase conversion

Reviews directly affect the decision-making process. 70% of customers form an opinion towards a product or brand as soon as they read a review. With this integration, you can create a customized reward plan that allows customers to easily earn points for leaving reviews onsite, or directly from prompt emails. Use personalized notifications and rewards to encourage customers to leave reviews, which in turn deliver more qualified traffic that is more likely to convert.

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Collect reviews and create trust

84% of shoppers consider reviews as important as personal recommendations. With more reviews appearing on your site, customers will have more reasons to trust the credibility of your brand or product. Build consumer trust by encouraging your existing customers to act as advocates for your brand or product. Encourage more visual reviews by offering additional points for reviews that include images.

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