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LoyaltyLion for health and wellness brands

Minimal churn, maximum brand health 

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As more shoppers invest in their physical and mental health, the Health and Wellness ecommerce market continues to grow, with the market size set to increase to almost seven trillion U.S. dollars by 2025. Unfortunately, this also means more brands to test out and try.  

With LoyaltyLion, you can create a personalized loyalty program for your health and wellness brand that maximizes your brand health by minimizing your subscriber churn.

Ditch the discounts, keep your subscribers 

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Retain your subscribers without discounts

Retain your best customers without breaking your margins. Introduce a tiered loyalty program that serves your subscribers with regular VIP perks like free shipping, early access to new products or even invites to exclusive events. They’ll understand the value of remaining subscribed and you won’t erode your bottom line. 

Combat ‘value amnesia’ with hyper-personalized messaging 

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Health and wellness products such as vitamins or herbal teas can take some time to deliver impact. But in that time subscribers can pause or cancel. 

Use your loyalty data to deliver personalized, educational messages at the right moment, reminding customers of the value their subscription will deliver should they remain loyal. 

Boost AOV with free product rewards

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Our free product rewards provide the perfect incentive for customers to explore beyond their regular routines, adding supplements, wellness accessories, and other health-boosting delights to their carts. 

Let your customers choose from a variety of items using their points; if they try it and love it, it’ll become the new staple in their wellness routine – meaning a bigger basket size and higher AOV. 

See what other health and wellness brands are doing now

“Across the board we saw improvements – from the number of members signing up to reward redemptions. In every piece of that journey, we saw a huge increase. We’ve seen that customers who redeem rewards have a lifetime value that is double that of your average customers, so it’s made a really big impact and we see a huge value in the program.” 

– Digital Marketing Strategist, Primal Kitchen

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