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Use LoyaltyLion and Gatsby together to turn your loyal customers into influencers and brand ambassadors.

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Gatsby is an influencer and community management software for ecommerce brands. Identify, engage and scale your customer community of influencers via automated workflows.

Why LoyaltyLion and Gastby?

Instantly reward shoppers for creating authentic, quality content about your brand and products on Instagram and TikTok. Use LoyaltyLion and Gatsby together to reduce your reliance on traditional (and costly) acquisition channels by empowering your loyal customers to become influencers and brand advocates.

Turn your customers into micro-influencers

Motivate your customers to become micro-influencers for your brand by incentivizing them with points for posting content on Instagram and TikTok.

Customers trust content created by their peers more than owned content and ads. In fact, the importance of authenticity is at an all-time high with 90% of shoppers saying authenticity is important when deciding which brands to like or support.

Having your micro-influencers post authentic content will increase sales and conversion by establishing brand and product credibility amongst your new and existing customers.

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Reach new customers cost-effectively

When it comes to consumer buying habits, social media has taken word-of-mouth marketing to new heights. Research shows 66% of consumers have been inspired to purchase from a new brand after seeing social media images from other shoppers.

Rewarding customers with loyalty points in exchange for mentioning your brand will increase your volume of UGC. More authentic and trustworthy content across your social channels represents a huge opportunity to reach and influence new customers without having to invest in increasingly expensive additional acquisition activities.

Build emotional connection, drive repeat purchases

Today’s shoppers want to feel emotionally connected with the brands they shop with – and these emotional connections can be profitable. Research shows 70% of emotionally engaged customers spend up to two times more on brands they’re loyal to.

So how do you foster emotional connections with shoppers across Instagram and TikTok? Make your social media channels an exciting (and rewarding) place for customers to post and engage with your brand. Inviting customers to be part of your brand community will provide the emotional connection they need to return and repeat purchase.

LoyaltyLion x Gatsby integration walkthrough

Take a look at how to set up the integration and its capabilities in this walkthrough video.

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