Turn more shoppers into buyers with in-store recommendations and bonus point incentives

LimeSpot and LoyaltyLion’s integration allows you to display potential bonus points for selected products within your LimeSpot-driven targeted recommendation boxes.

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LoyaltyLion is a data-driven loyalty and engagement platform trusted by thousands of ecommerce brands worldwide. Merchants use LoyaltyLion when they want a fully customised loyalty program that is proven to increase customer engagement, retention and spend.


LimeSpot is an eCommerce Conversion AI that helps online stores increase their revenue by delivering a personalized upsell, cross-sell and product recommendation for each shopper across different channels.

Use LoyaltyLion to increase customer engagement,
 retention and spend

Enhance shopper experience with a fully customised loyalty program that is proven to deliver returns.


customer spend — loyalty program members vs. non-members


annual revenue from LoyaltyLion


increase in customer retention


annual revenue from LoyaltyLion

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Bring the benefits of LimeSpot and LoyaltyLion to your business

Showcase potential bonus points on certain recommendations

Display the potential bonus points your customers can earn when purchasing certain products within your upsell, cross-sell, and all other LimeSpot-driven targeted recommendation boxes. Offering a point incentive for certain products can help increase your conversion rates, average basket size and revenue.

Optimise loyalty program performance using LimeSpot's A/B test tool

Use LimeSpot’s A/B Test Tool along with Real-time Analytics to optimise your loyalty program performance. You can A/B test different scenarios with a variety of bonus point offers and recommendations and see how each component is performing. This will help you maximise your customer engagement and ultimately improve your conversion rates and revenue.

Use LoyaltyLion and LimeSpot to enhance your customers’ experience now

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