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LimeSpot helps boost Shopify stores' revenue with personalized up-sell and cross-sell product recommendations. Integrating with LoyaltyLion lets you display loyalty bonus points for recommended products, enhancing customer loyalty and engagement.

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LimeSpot loyalty program software integration

Why integrate LoyaltyLion with LimeSpot?

Integrating LoyaltyLion with LimeSpot allows you to create a personalized shopping experience that drives customer loyalty through tailored AI-driven product recommendations.


This integration ensures your loyalty program not only rewards purchases but also helps promote products that customers are most likely to buy.

LoyaltyLion x LimeSpot benefits:

Personalized recommendations

Leverage LimeSpot’s recommendation engine to show customers personalized product suggestions they are likely to love based on their browsing history.


Along with a more relevant and engaging shopping experience, you can incentivize repeat purchases by displaying loyalty points customers can earn when purchasing recommended items.


Optimize conversions

Use LimeSpot’s real-time analytics and A/B testing tools to experiment with combinations of products and loyalty points, optimizing conversions and maximizing your revenue.

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Use LoyaltyLion and LimeSpot to enhance your loyalty program