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MESA is a premium workflow automation app for busy brands on Shopify & Shopify Plus. Integrate LoyaltyLion with MESA to create advanced automation and synchronization across multiple platforms.

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Why integrate LoyaltyLion with MESA?

Streamline and enrich your loyalty program management with MESA’s automation workflows.

With META you can create complex loyalty campaigns based on website activity or purchase history, promote loyalty rewards for overstocked product, and trigger custom rewards for unique events like participating in a social media challenge.

Cross-platform customer data synchronization

Create a unified view of customer activity by synchronizing data with MESA across Shopify, LoyaltyLion, and other third-party apps (e.g., email marketing platforms), enabling better segmentation for personalized marketing campaigns.


Complex conditional workflows

Use MESA’s complex conditional workflows to create more sophisticated and targeted loyalty strategies.

Reward points only if a customer makes a purchase within a specific time frame after clicking an email, or reward points if a customer shares their purchase on social media within two weeks of receiving their order.


Custom event triggers

Expand ways customers can earn points by using MESA to create custom event triggers that aren’t natively supported by LoyaltyLion.

Reward points for attending events, participating in social media challenges, or completing surveys.


Use LoyaltyLion and MESA to enhance your loyalty program