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Turn your happiest customers into your best referrers

Implement a referral program and see your revenue go up and your acquisition costs go down, all with simple rules and automation.

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Sharing is rewarding

Referred visitors have a 37% higher retention rate and a 16% higher Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Make referrals central to your acquisition efforts with our simple no-code setup. Here’s how it works:

Thanks to the referral program, nuud users have brought in thousands of new armpits this year, and we’re excited to continue growing this way.

Chia Emelle

Marketing Coordinator at nuud

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Ask customers for a referral when they’re most satisfied

Automatically send a referral request following a customer’s positive experience with your brand. Trigger points include:

  • After a purchase
  • Once a positive review is posted on your site or through your integrated review software.
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Nurture your best referrers and their friends

Recognize your top performing brand advocates by showing them you appreciate them.

  • Tag your top referrers and give them double points for all referrals.
  • Send a thank you reward for being a valued referrer.
  • When a friend redeems a reward thank your customer for their referral.

Rewards for referrals

Choose how you reward referrals

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Optimize your referral program

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Frequently asked questions

What is a referral program?

A referral program incentivizes customers to recommend your brand by rewarding them for referrals. Customers share a unique URL with friends and family through SMS, social media, WhatsApp, or email. Rewards are claimed once the new customer fulfils the referral terms, like making a purchase.

How many points should I award for referrals?

More points typically lead to higher returns. For maximum impact, offer existing customers enough points for a reward or 15% of the minimum purchase value.

‘Give and get’ programs, rewarding both the referrer and the referred friend equally, are the most effective.

What happens to the referrer’s points if their referred friend returns a purchase?

If a referred friend returns their purchase, any points the referrer earned for that referral remain in a ‘pending’ state and are ultimately not awarded. The referrer’s points are contingent on the referee’s purchase being finalized.

Can I limit the number of referrals a customer can make?

Yes, to prevent misuse, LoyaltyLion allows you to set a cap on the number of referrals each customer can make.

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