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Use LoyaltyLion and Venn Apps together to create a unique loyalty experience on your mobile app and reward your customers for completing actions.

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Why LoyaltyLion and Venn Apps?

Venn Apps is designed using the latest technology and provides customers a unique mobile experience, synced perfectly with your Shopify store. By integrating Venn Apps with LoyaltyLion you can unlock actionable insights, enhance mobile engagement, and increase revenue.

Trusted by thousands of fast-growth ecommerce merchants worldwide

increase in loyalty program members returning to make a second purchase
increase in customer spend by loyalty program members
increase in AOV

Boost your sales on your mobile app

By 2021, mobile ecommerce sales are expected to account for 54% of total online sales. Using LoyaltyLion and Venn Apps together, you can encourage customers to complete actions on your mobile app and spend more.

To motivate your shoppers to return, implement Venn Apps’ dynamics functionality to send them push-notifications about their points balances and available rewards.

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Unlock actionable insights to provide a personalized loyalty experience

71% of mobile shoppers churn within 90 days. Using Venn Apps and LoyaltyLion together, you can unlock data-driven, actionable insights to understand your customers’ individual buying behaviors and increase your their lifetime value. Access weekly sales reports and insights without any extra work of managing dashboards.


Pulse Boutique has seen a 79% increase in repeat purchase rates by using the Venn Apps and LoyaltyLion integration

Pulse Boutique, an exclusive women’s fashion store, built a bespoke mobile app with Venn Apps. By integrating Venn Apps with LoyaltyLion, Pulse Boutique now began to awards its customers points for any activity performed on the mobile app. Thanks to their tiered loyalty program structure, customers can access various financial and experience-based rewards with each tier and engage more on Pulse Boutique’s mobile app.

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LoyaltyLion and Venn Apps
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Use LoyaltyLion and Venn Apps to enhance your loyalty program on mobile now