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LoyaltyLion for food and beverage brands

Less churn, more flavor for your food and beverage brand

LoyaltyLion; the secret ingredient you need to turn the tables on subscriber churn.

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Up to 10%. That’s how many customers cancel subscriptions to food and beverage brands like yours every month. 

Don’t let that happen to you. With LoyaltyLion, you can craft a loyalty program that not only entices customers to stick around after their first taste but also keeps them coming back for seconds without the need for ongoing discounts.

Food and beverage brands using LoyaltyLion find that redeeming loyalty program members are 6x more likely to make a second purchase

Watch our video to see how Primal Kitchen spiced up their offering and increased loyalty purchase revenue by 71%.

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Ditch the discounts, keep the flavor 

Retain your customers without dangling discounts every week. 

Retain your best customers without breaking the bank. Cook up a tiered loyalty program that serves VIP perks like free shipping, early access to new products or even invites to exclusive events.

“Across the board we saw improvements – from the number of members signing up to reward redemptions. In every piece of that journey, we saw a huge increase. We’ve seen that customers who redeem rewards have a lifetime value that is double that of your average customers, so it’s made a really big impact and we see a huge value in the program.” 

– Digital Marketing Strategist, Primal Kitchen

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Whet your customers’ appetite with hyper-personalized messaging 

Turn up the heat with loyalty data! Use loyalty data to deliver hyper-personalized messages that improve the customer experience and increase CLV. Keep them engaged and ordering more by sending monthly points statements and friendly reminders about their available rewards.

Our top 3 recently launched food and beverage loyalty programs

Start retaining your customers the easy way with LoyaltyLion

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