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LoyaltyLion for beauty and cosmetics brands

More returning customers for your beauty brand

Unlock the beauty of repeat purchases with your very own loyalty program.

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$7.7bn. That’s how much you and other beauty brands spend on advertising each year. 

Stand out from the crowd without spending more on advertising; it’s time to unveil your very own loyalty program. Drive more revenue with LoyaltyLion by reducing the time between your customers’ purchases, boosting their basket sizes and increasing their CLV. 

Beauty brands with loyalty programs see as much as a 45% increase in average order value from members.

“Taking loyalty to the next level and beyond! LoyaltyLion is a game changing loyalty platform that up-levels our customer experience. LoyaltyLion provides suggestions and insights that soar with marketing potential to help maintain, engage and even win back our customers. We love it.”

– Kimberli Harvey, Social Media Marketing Director

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Bid adieu to the one-time shopper cycle

No more losing one-time cosmetics lovers to those “too-good-to-be-true” deals at distributor stores! Give them every reason to stay, shop, and repeat purchase with your very own tiered loyalty program. 

Reward your beauty buffs each time they choose you over the competition to secure even more repeat purchases. Shower them with perks like free shipping, early access to new products, and invites to exclusive events. 

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Turn your beauty enthusiasts into your influencer army 

With LoyaltyLion, it’s easy to get your loyalty program members to do the advertising for you. Encourage them to create authentic beauty content, spread the love with glowing product reviews, and help you build your empire on Instagram and TikTok – all while they earn precious loyalty points. You get authentic content that you can use to acquire new customers, and your members build up points balances so that they’ll come back and spend with you again sooner. 

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Win back your at-risk admirers 

Rekindle the spark with your beauty enthusiasts when it’s needed the most by surprising and delighting them at just the right time. Our loyalty analytics provide real-time insights to pinpoint which customers are at risk of churning, and then it’s as effortless as surprising them with unexpected loyalty points credited to their account.

Use features like our free product reward to introduce members to even more of your products and win back at-risk shoppers by allowing them to swap points for products at the click of a button. 

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