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Use LoyaltyLion and Fresh Relevance together to provide highly personalized, high-performing customer experiences.

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Fresh Relevance loyalty program software integration

Why LoyaltyLion and Fresh Relevance?

Retaining customers has never been more important. As acquisition costs continue to rise (with no signs of slowing down!) your existing customers have become the most effective growth lever you have.

Using LoyaltyLion and Fresh Relevance together allows you to deliver tailored experiences that increase engagement with your loyalty program and strengthen your customer relationships – meaning you will retain your existing customers for longer.

The integration empowers you to create targeted communication campaigns that will boost conversions and build deeper connections. Thanks to the insights provided by real-time loyalty data, you can influence your messaging with informed decisions and drive even more impact.

With highly personalized cross-channel experiences, you can deliver more meaningful customer communications across your website, app, email and SMS.


Why personalize?

of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions
of shoppers prefer to buy from a company with personalized experiences
increase in revenue from personalization

Provide a premium experience for your VIPs

Create a premium experience for your top tier customers and drive reward redemption using dynamic content. For example, provide early access to a sale, or display custom rewards that are only available to customers who have spent over a certain threshold.

Encourage repeat purchases

Show customers who have reached a certain points threshold a thank you message and encourage them to keep spending, for example by offering an exclusive discount code. By  creating automatic communications that hit your customers at the right time, you can give them the nudge they need to come back and make their next purchase.

Increase your email and web conversion rates

Build segments based on loyalty tiers or points accrued to use across your channels, then display personalized coupons or exclusive promotions to these groups within your emails and on your website. Serve your audience with segmented, personalized messaging so they’re more likely to click and convert.

Elevate your customer experience with loyalty data

Find loyalty data in Fresh Relevance’s Visitor Details Page alongside other customer data, such as purchase history, preferences and more.

Already using LoyaltyLion? We can help you integrate with Fresh Relevance