Use LoyaltyLion and Gorgias to integrate loyalty into your helpdesk

Using Gorgias and LoyaltyLion together you can see loyalty profiles, award points and encourage referrals from within your helpdesk

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LoyaltyLion is an award winning loyalty framework trusted by thousands of ecommerce businesses. Retailers choose LoyaltyLion when they want a fully customised loyalty program that is proven to increase customer engagement, retention and spend.


The complete helpdesk for your Shopify store; Gorgias is a customer support helpdesk specially designed for Shopify stores.

Use LoyaltyLion to increase customer engagement,
 retention and spend

Enhance shopper experience with a fully customised loyalty program that is proven to deliver returns.


customer spend — loyalty program members vs. non-members


annual revenue from LoyaltyLion


increase in customer retention


annual revenue from LoyaltyLion

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Bring the benefits of Gorgias and LoyaltyLion to your business

See customer loyalty profiles within your Gorgias helpdesk

Use customer loyalty profiles within your helpdesk to better identify customers and their buying behaviours. Use points balance and past-purchase information to understand the value of the customer you’re speaking with, and personalise your helpdesk responses.

Award points to customers from within your helpdesk

Use points within your helpdesk to enhance your customer service. Points can be used for many different scenarios, for example as an apology in situations where your customers have had negative or inconvenient experiences. These points can be issued seamlessly in Gorgias using macros.

Incentivise customers to make referrals from within Gorgias’s helpdesk

Encourage customers to earn points by making referrals with unique referral URLs in your helpdesk responses. Capture your customers when they have just experienced good customer service from your team and are at a high level on engagement, therefore, more likely to refer-a-friend to your store.

Use Gorgias and LoyaltyLion to drive powerful customer content today.

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Already using LoyaltyLion? We can help you integrate with Gorgias

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