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Use Attentive and LoyaltyLion together to add value at every touchpoint in the customer lifecycle with loyalty and SMS

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Attentive loyalty program software integration

Why Attentive and LoyaltyLion?

Attentive is the leading SMS platform that helps brands create meaningful interactions through personalized text messaging, which has achieved open rates up to 98%.

What’s more, 72% of shoppers only engage with brands that deliver personalized commuinications. This makes SMS marketing a huge opportunity to engage customers with loyalty data.

Use Attentive and LoyaltyLion together to serve up behaviour personalization, relevant segmentation and push event triggers.

When you speed up loyal connections

of people read SMS within five minutes
spend from redeeming members
higher AOV from redeeming members

Increase customer spend and reward redemption

Use Attentive and LoyaltyLion together to deliver personalized loyalty program updates via SMS.

• Include loyalty points balance in triggered text messages

• The purchase frequency of redeeming loyalty members is 73% greater than non-redeeming members. Drive reward redemption by texting customers when they have a reward available

• Have a tiered loyalty program? Encourage your customers to spend more by sending them a text to let them know how many points they need to unlock their next tier

Your Monthly Update Smaller

Increase SMS sign-ups by offering a reward

Motivate your existing loyalty members to opt-in for SMS marketing, by rewarding them with points or incentives for signing up.

Pulse Boutique offers its customers 40 loyalty points for signing up for email and SMS communications.

SMS sign up

Automate your loyalty marketing efforts with event-based SMS messages

Use Attentive and LoyaltyLion together to set up automated text messages that are triggered when customers complete certain actions.

For example, you can send your shoppers a message when they have achieved an “event”, such as referring a friend, unlocking a new loyalty tier, or completing a custom activity unique to your loyalty program.

By sending timely and relevant messages to your customers, you are making them feel recognized as an individual. This encourages them to return to you for their next purchase sooner.

Attentive x LL integration

Bolster your customer engagement strategy with SMS

Recent iOS updates are making it more difficult to understand how well your emails are landing with shoppers. SMS provides a highly visible touchpoint to reach your customers and personalize interactions using loyalty data.

Worried that your customers don’t want to receive texts from you? Shoppers have shown an increasing appetite to receive SMS marketing from brands. In 2020, 48.7 million people chose to receive marketing via SMS with open rates as high as 98%. Make sure you don’t get left behind.

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SMS results speak for themselves


Until Gone recently integrated Attentive into their tech-stack. They thought, the speed of delivery via SMS was too good an opportunity to miss. Combining an existing LoyaltyLion strategy with fast SMS delivery across a group of journeys made a measurable impact.

Within a short timeframe SMS click rate had risen over 25% while conversion rose in tandem to over 9%.


LoyaltyLion x Attentive workflow videos


Learn more about how to install the Attentive integration and its capabilities in the videos below.

Connect LoyaltyLion and Attentive

• LoyaltyLion and Attentive SMS marketing segments and campaigns

LoyaltyLion and Attentive
Loyalty program software integration

Use LoyaltyLion and Attentive to enhance your loyalty program now

Already using LoyaltyLion? We can help you integrate with Attentive