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Find a loyalty plan that works for you

Join thousands of fast-growth ecommerce brands using LoyaltyLion to increase repeat purchases

#1 for loyalty: Fast track setup Integrated with your website Live chat & email support

Everything you need to start boosting repeat purchase rates

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Everything you need to get started with loyalty

Loyalty Program page design & build
Customer referral program
A dedicated Onboarding Manager
Points for custom activities
Email marketing integrations, incl. Klaviyo
SMS integrations
Helpdesk integrations, incl. Gorgias
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Perfect for brands looking for more ways to increase customer lifetime value

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Everything on our Classic plan, plus:

Access to a Customer Success Manager
Access to a bi-annual program review
Loyalty Tiers
Seamless Free Product
Standalone Referral Widget
Connect multiple Shopify POS locations
Subscription platform integrations
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Best for growing businesses integrating retention across wider marketing tools and tactics

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Everything on our Advanced plan, plus:

A Dedicated Senior Onboarding Manager
Access to a program review every 3 months
Enhanced Klaviyo email marketing flows
Enhanced Notifications
In-Cart Rewards
Instant Points
Enhanced Attentive SMS journeys
Post-launch optimization
Priority support
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Loyalty Revenue and ROI Forecast Calculator

Calculate your projected incremental revenue from launching a loyalty program with LoyaltyLion, based on our current customer performance.

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Points and rewards
Points for basic on-site activities
Manually add/remove points
Money off vouchers
Points for additional on-site activities
Bonus points for specific products
Bonus points for specific collections
Free product vouchers
Discounted product vouchers
Free shipping voucher
Points for custom onsite activities
Points expiry
Seamless free product
Premium features
Customer communication
Analytics and insights
Service and support

Frequently asked questions

How does LoyaltyLion’s pricing work?

Our pricing is calculated according to the average number of orders your store processes each month. This means you can easily scale your loyalty program as you grow your store.

How does LoyaltyLion support omnichannel stores?

LoyaltyLion works with Shopify POS and can integrate with other POS platforms via our API, helping you to build seamless, omnichannel shopping journeys. Offer your loyal customers the same experiences regardless of whether they are shopping online or in-store.

How can I prove that LoyaltyLion is delivering value to my store?

LoyaltyLion delivers the most sophisticated ecommerce loyalty insights and analytics directly to your dashboard. From retention, referral and ROI data, to insights into which customer segments are most valuable to your store, compare member to non-member repeat purchase behaviors and spend to better understand the ROI of your program.

How does LoyaltyLion support me on an ongoing basis?

We live and breathe loyalty with absolutely no distractions. From online chat support for free plans, to dedicated Onboarding and Account Managers for those on higher plans, we are always on-hand to help you get more from your program.

Is it difficult to migrate my existing program to LoyaltyLion?

You can migrate from another loyalty provider quickly and easily – after you finish setting up your LoyaltyLion account we’ll help you to import your existing customer information.

Have any more questions?

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