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Pricing and features

LoyaltyLion starts from $159/mo

For stores with 400 or fewer monthly orders, we also have a free plan
Supported platforms

A complete loyalty solution for your store

Use LoyaltyLion to increase customer engagement, retention and lifetime value.
  • Reward customers for any activity
  • Exchange points for vouchers, gift cards or custom rewards
  • Keep customers up to date and notify them when rewards are available
Reward customers for any activity

Fully customisable, scalable and stable

Resignation Media use LoyaltyLion to power one connected loyalty program across theCHIVE, The Chivery and iCHIVE - it generates $22 for every $1 invested.

LoyaltyLion supports the customisation they need and handles their traffic of more than 300 million visitors a month.

View The Chivery case study

LoyaltyLion is fully customisable, scalable and stable

Design your perfect loyalty program with tiers

Reward your top customers and encourage repeat spending.
  • Design and name your tiers to match your brand
  • Provide exclusive rewards in higher tiers
  • Automatically notify customers when they move up a tier
Build your perfect loyalty program with tiers

Acquire new customers with referrals

LoyaltyLion has a fully integrated referral solution.

Customers can refer their friends via email and social media channels. You can identify your biggest advocates and most effective sources with our built-in analytics.

Acquire new customers using built-in referrals

Engage your customers

Use our loyalty emails to notify your customers as soon as they've earned enough points for a reward, send them a monthly statement or thank them for joining your program.
  • Fully customisable and compatible with your existing email templates
  • Average click-through rate of 35%
Keep your customers informed with loyalty emails

Gain insights

Understand and optimise your program with our advanced customer insights and analytics.

  • See how your program is performing and use our suggestions to optimise it
  • Inspect individual customers and their loyalty history
Acquire new customers using built-in referrals
“LoyaltyLion has proven to be the best loyalty vendor we could have chosen. We have over 300 million visitors a month and LoyaltyLion provided the customisation, scale and stability we need.”
- Alen Durbuzovic, CTO of Resignation Media & theCHIVE
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Is LoyaltyLion easy to install?
If your store is on one of our supported platforms, you'll be able to install LoyaltyLion easily, without any technical expertise! If not, contact us and we'll help you out.
Can I import from another loyalty program?
Sure - after you finish setting up your LoyaltyLion account we can import your existing customer information.
Why do we price on orders?
Using orders means you only pay when your store is generating revenue. We believe in fair pricing which is why we don't charge on customers - charging on customers means you end up paying for people who no longer purchase.
Can I test LoyaltyLion?
Yes, you can log in to our demo store account and browse the LoyaltyLion interface to our demo store. We can also provide you with a test account if you need to trial aspects of your loyalty program before going live, get in touch with the team and we'll set you up ASAP.
Do you work with agencies?
Yes, we are partners with most of the leading agencies on Shopify and are happy to talk with your agency.
Free plan

Stores with 400 or fewer monthly orders can use LoyaltyLion completely free.

Our free plan provides all the basic functionality you need to run a successful loyalty program. You can also purchase individual addons to enhance your program as you grow.

The LoyaltyLion free plan is currently only available to Shopify stores - we're working to bring it to other platforms very soon!