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Loyalty revenue and ROI forecast calculator

Calculate your projected incremental revenue from launching a loyalty program with LoyaltyLion, based on our current customer performance.



Yearly incremental revenue generated


Return on investment

New redeeming members per year

New repeat purchases per year

How we forecast this:

We base our data on years of experience from our current customers and the results they see from using LoyaltyLion.

Our costs include:

  • LoyaltyLion
  • 15% discount given to referred customers
  • 5% discount given to loyalty members
Illustration Graph

Unlock more insights for your loyalty program

View your detailed forecast and personal loyalty program potential.

Your program breakdown


of orders where a loyalty reward may be applied.


of members who become redeeming members.


Annual spend increase of member vs all customers.

Referral revenue

$ $1,000,000

The revenue your loyalty members could refer via new customers.

Customer snapshot

Customer type Customers Purchase freq
Shoppers (everyone)
Redeeming member

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