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Shopify Plus loyalty program software integration

Build a fully-customized loyalty program with Shopify Plus Certified App Partner, LoyaltyLion

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Why LoyaltyLion and Shopify Plus

Encourage more on-site actions with loyalty points

Provide customer rewards for every interaction with your Shopify Plus store to grow engagement and increase repeat purchase rate. Award loyalty points for non-transactional activities such as birthdays, referrals, reviews, and social shares. Customize your rewards to best suit your brand – from money-off vouchers or free shipping vouchers, to custom rewards such as charitable donations that are close to the heart of the consumer.

Level up with premium Shopify Plus loyalty rewards

Improve engagement with your Shopify Plus store by adding premium features at every stage of your loyalty journey. Instant points, loyalty tiers, and bonus points for specific products are proven to encourage customer engagement and spend. That’s why our Shopify Plus Loyalty Program allows you to enhance shoppers’ experiences and encourage reward redemption with checkout optimization features, such as our bespoke points slider.

Make loyalty part of your day-to-day business using unique Shopify Plus features

Automate your loyalty rewards program workflows and tasks with our Connector for Shopify Flow as well as our integrations with Shopify Plus’s LoyaltyLion integrates with key Shopify Plus functionality to make managing your loyalty program as simple as possible. Use features such as Scripts, Flow and POS to automate your retention activity. Enable seamless experiences Gift Card APIs and Multipass functionality.

Create your own unique, on-brand Shopify Plus loyalty scheme

Your loyalty program should be a seamless part of your Shopify Plus online store, and an extension of your brand experience. LoyaltyLion’s customization options allow you to reflect your brand identity within your loyalty program with features, such as: loyalty tiers, available rewards on product pages, referral incentives to post-purchase pages and a fully-branded loyalty program page.

Build a thriving community for your Shopify Plus store

Ensure customers feel valued by keeping in touch with them in between transactions. Incorporate data into loyalty emails, SMS messages or on site notifications to deliver personalized messages and keep in touch with customers in-between purchases. You can also use our Shopify Plus loyalty app to send “surprise and delight” messages with exclusive member incentives to re-engage at-risk shoppers.

Secure customer loyalty wherever your customers are shopping

Make it easier for customers to engage with Shopify Plus loyalty programs wherever they are shopping. Ensure they can earn and redeem points online or in-store, or integrate your loyalty program with features such as Multipass to connect your blog with your store, or Multicurrency to enable your store to sell in multiple currencies. Deliver the most tailored loyalty experience by connecting multiple Shopify POS accounts.

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We’re thrilled to have LoyaltyLion on board as one of our first Shopify Plus partners to build a connector – they’ve really shown the countless possibilities and ideas they enable.

Katie Cerar

Product Manager, Shopify

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