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Why LoyaltyLion and ReCharge?

ReCharge is the leading platform to launch and scale your subscription business. Using LoyaltyLion and ReCharge together allows you to offer additional rewards and benefits to customers who become subscribers.

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2.7 x
customer spend from loyalty program members
annual spend from LoyaltyLion
increase in customer retention
annual revenue from LoyaltyLion

Increase reward redemption and spend by automatically placing customers into an exclusive, subscriber-only tier

Subscribed customers have a higher lifetime value. Encourage these customers to stay subscribed by creating an exclusive group with the highest range of benefits. Offer exclusive discounts and rewards to these members.

Grow your subscriptions by rewarding customers with loyalty points that they can use on future purchases

Incentivize subscriptions with bonus points for becoming a subscriber. Customers can use these points toward future purchases.

Improve retention with meaningful rewards that customers can use on their future subscription orders

Apply recurring rewards to subscriptions. For example, apply a discount to the next three (or any number) fulfilled subscriptions to get the ball rolling!

Increase customer advocacy by rewarding customers who refer friends to your subscription-based products

Reward members of your loyalty program with points when they refer a friend to your subscription-based products. When a customer triggers the “refer-a-friend” rule, they will receive points when the person they refer becomes a subscriber – incentivizing referrals and long-term customer advocacy.

LoyaltyLion and ReCharge
Loyalty program software integration

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