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Shopify Flow helps Shopify stores streamline their business operations. Integrate Shopify Flow with LoyaltyLion to automate your loyalty program workflows, enhancing customer engagement on autopilot.

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Shopify Flow loyalty program software integration

Why integrate LoyaltyLion with Shopify Flow?

Integrating LoyaltyLion with Shopify Flow enables you to create customized automation workflows that trigger loyalty actions based on specific customer behaviors.


This integration not only saves time but also ensures that your customers are consistently rewarded at the right moments, leading to increased loyalty and retention.

LoyaltyLion x Shopify Flow benefits:

Automated no-code loyalty workflows

Save time by automating key loyalty program workflows that trigger from a pre-determined event.


Example trigger: customer moves up a tier

Example action: customer is awarded extra points and a congratulations email is sent via the Klaviyo integration

Shopify Flow

Enhanced customer engagement

Use Shopify Flow’s automation triggers to personalize loyalty communications, such as a ‘Welcome series’ drip campaign or a ‘Happy birthday’ reward email, keeping customers engaged and motivated to return to your store.

Shopify Flow 2

Improved operational efficiency

Focus on strategic growth while Shopify Flow handles the repetitive tasks crucial to customer retention.


Trigger automated messages for specific actions with a built-in time delay, such as rewarding a customer after placing 5 orders.

Shopify Flow 3

Use LoyaltyLion and Shopify Flow to enhance your loyalty program