Data-driven loyalty and engagement

Relationships that go beyond points and rewards

LoyaltyLion: Driving loyalty across the customer lifecycle for over 10,000 ecommerce stores

LoyaltyLion: Driving loyalty across the customer lifecycle for over 10,000 ecommerce stores

Take the first step to better customer relationships

Loyalty program members spend 47% more than those who check out as guests. From onsite notifications to post-purchase emails, take every opportunity to incentivize new customers to enroll in your program and opt in to ongoing marketing comms.


Keep customers engaged in between purchases

75% of consumers want to be rewarded for engagement beyond the point of purchase. Reward day-to-day activities such as birthdays, social follows and more to give your customers more reason to keep in touch and accumulate rewards in between purchases.


Encourage members to make their next purchase sooner

Redeeming loyalty program members purchase 32% more frequently than non-members. From loyalty program tiers to bonus point promotions and free product or free shipping rewards, there are lots of ways to drive repeat purchases faster so that you see quicker ROI from your acquisition spend.


Prevent shoppers from falling through the bottom of your funnel

Acquiring new customers is five times more expensive than retaining your existing ones. Use loyalty program analytics to identify the customers who haven’t re-purchased as you expected, and use surprise and delight loyalty promotions to incentivize them to return and repeat purchase, rather than churning.

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Let your existing customers grow your business for you

Referred customers are four times more likely to purchase. Increase your customer base without increasing your acquisition costs by incentivizing loyalty program members to refer friends and family. Reward positive user-generated content from members to drive greater conversion and turn more browsers into buyers.

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Create a loyal and rewarding customer community

Brands with communities see a +1352% increase in ROI after just two years. Create a customer community that connects shoppers to your brand, and to one another. Then watch your Insiders benefit every stage of your marketing funnel as they drive brand awareness, help you acquire new customers and continue spending more over time.

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LoyaltyLion's Integrations

Add power to your technology stack with personalized loyalty experiences

Integrate loyalty data and insights into your existing marketing tools and tactics to create more personalized customer experiences.

From emails and SMS to your helpdesk, integrating your loyalty program at every stage of your customer journey helps you create brand interactions that customers will want to return and relive, while increasing the ROI of your existing marketing activity.


Drive growth by creating emotional connections with your existing customer base

Prevent external factors from putting pressure on your continued growth. Use your loyalty program to navigate rising acquisition costs and prevent customers from being tempted away by other stores’ introductory offers, creating emotional connections that keep customers engaged and seeing value from your brand, even when they’re not ready to spend.

What kind of results could you see from loyalty program members?

  • 47%

    Higher chance of repeat purchase

  • 40%

    Higher annual spend

  • 23%

    Higher purchase frequency

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LoyaltyLion has been a great partner to help us revamp our loyalty program and improve customer retention.

AJ Patel, Global Head of Ecommerce at REN Clean Skincare

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