Data-driven engagement and online loyalty platform for ecommerce

LoyaltyLion supports ecommerce growth by connecting and accelerating your marketing efforts. We power loyalty programs for stores on all major ecommerce platforms including Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce. Proven to increase customer lifetime value, we unlock real insights that help you make your customers feel valued rather than like they are just another number.

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Provide meaningful loyalty interactions

Unlocks insights to engage with your customers more effectively in the loyalty app. Show individual points balances, available rewards and earning opportunities at the right time, with personalized loyalty emails and onsite notifications.

  • Use loyalty emails and points statements to deliver a one-to-one email marketing strategy
  • Alert customers to available rewards with on-site loyalty notifications
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  • Reach loyalty program members on desktop or mobile devices
  • Allow customers to earn and redeem whether shopping online or in-store

Deliver a fully-customized loyalty program and experience

Use your loyalty program to show customers what you have in common and build longer-term relationships. Deliver fully-customized and on-brand loyalty experiences at every stage of the customer journey.

  • Customize your program within your store's main theme and values
  • Embed loyalty components on product or post-purchase pages
  • Build your own, unique, full-page loyalty program

Turn existing customers into loyal advocates and boost acquisition

Increase advocacy to drive more cost-effective customer acquisition with our digital loyalty platform. Offer rewards in return for reviews, referrals and social media engagement.

  • Make it easy for customers to refer friends with unique URLs delivered via email, social and mobile
  • Reward customers who leave product and store reviews
  • Award points for social media likes, shares, follows and brand hashtag mentions
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Unlock real insights and A/B test your loyalty program

Use loyalty program analytics and segments to better understand individual buying behaviors. Easily leverage those insights from within your loyalty dashboard to increase lifetime value and make customers feel like VIPs.

  • Evaluate and optimize program performance
  • Focus marketing efforts on your most valuable customers
  • Identify at-risk customers and re-introduce them to your brand
  • A/B test your loyalty program to set your store apart

Loyalty platform features

Points and rewards
Allow customers to earn points for any on-site activity - from purchases to reviews and referrals. Points can be exchanged for vouchers, gift cards or custom rewards such as free products or shipping.
Premium features
Explore the latest innovations available on our loyalty app, whether that's simply adding our points slider to existing pages, or building a full-page loyalty program. Use features such as In-Cart Rewards, Instant Points and Tiers to increase the effectiveness of your loyalty program.
Encourage customer advocacy by rewarding referrals made via social, email or mobile. Allow customers to send referrals via links, or implement our standalone referral widget.
Use LoyaltyLion to enhance your ecommerce platforms and tools quickly and easily. Seamlessly integrate LoyaltyLion with existing marketing tools such as ESPs, subscription partners, review platforms and helpdesks.
Build a fully customized loyalty program and choose how you want your program to appear on the page. Use our CSS theme editor to make your loyalty program your own, and ensure it appears at every stage of the customer journey.
Customer communications
Use loyalty emails and real-time on-site notifications to keep your customers engaging with your loyalty program. Use LoyaltyLion's advanced email solution, upload and edit your own templates or explore our integrations with ESPs including Klaviyo, dotdigital , Omnisend and Mailchimp.
Loyalty program analytics and insights
Continually optimize your loyalty program with advanced customer insights. See real-time statistics, referral and retention analytics within our in-built dashboard, or use our Ecommerce Insights loyalty app to monitor customer engagement and retention.

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