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LoyaltyLion for home and garden brands

More returning customers for your home and garden brand

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Our homes are our castles, so it’s no surprise that the proportion of consumers shopping for home and garden products online increases every year.

Win the keys to your customers hearts and homes and make the most of this growth by creating a loyalty program for your home and garden store.

Open the door to second purchases

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Today’s consumer is used to shopping for home and garden products online, but growth in this area means more competition, and therefore more shopping around.

Make your brand where the heart is by incentivizing every customer that buys from you once, to join your loyalty program. They’ll unlock points they can put towards their next purchase, and you’ll take the first step to long-term retention by securing a second sale.

Create a safe (but special) space for VIP customers 

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Your returning customers rely on your products to create their dream homes and gardens. With a tiered loyalty program, you can make the process of creating a home feel even more special. 

Offer top-tier customers additional benefits that encourage them to return sooner, such as early access to sales and new products, or exclusive content on how to use your products. Watch as your brand becomes part of the family. 

Plant more seeds with free product rewards

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Our free product rewards provide the perfect incentive for customers to try new products around the home and garden. Allow your customers to redeem their points in exchange for smaller products they may not have tried before – for example room sprays or seeds.

They get to try something new and you increase the chances of them returning with a bigger basket in future.

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“If you want to improve LTV and RPR, LoyaltyLion is your partner. We have already seen an improvement in these metrics.” 

– Head of Growth, Hannun

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