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  • Arctic Fox
    We love Loyalty Lion. It integrates with all our other apps and does a great job of bringing customers back. Lifetime customers for the win.
  • Never Fully Dressed
    I deliberated using LoyaltyLion and a few other similar programmes and a year into using it I am delighted with my decision and results.

Build your Shopify store with LoyaltyLion’s award-winning loyalty platform – five star rated

Drive sustainable Shopify growth by building better relationships with your customers. Use loyalty data to deliver more personalized experiences and turn existing customers into brand advocates.

Seamlessly install in minutes
Build a fully-customized loyalty program on your Shopify store in minutes, with no technical expertise required.
Increase customer satisfaction
Incentivize customers to start an active relationship with your brand by awarding points, redeemable at your store.
Reduce acquisition cost
Reduce your reliance on costly acquisition channels and let your existing customers grow your store for you by driving greater brand advocacy.

Award loyalty points for on-site activities

Increase repeat purchase rates by rewarding customers for every interaction with your Shopify loyalty program. Award loyalty points for activities that go beyond transactions, such as birthdays, referrals, reviews, and social shares. Offer rewards that best suit your brand, from money-off vouchers or free shipping vouchers, to tailored custom rewards, such as donations for specific charities close to the customer’s heart.

Create a superior customer experience

Enhance Shopify loyalty scheme engagement while providing more seamless loyalty experiences to customers. Use Instant Points and In-Cart Rewards to increase reward redemption – allowing shoppers to seamlessly view and redeem points from within the checkout. Integrate your loyalty program with your wider Marketing strategies by applying bonus point incentives to specific products or collections. This will allow you to use loyalty program tiers to motivate ongoing, positive interactions with your brand.
Premium Rewards@3x

Build your own fully-customized loyalty program

Reflect your brand identity and ethos while creating a seamless customer journey. Build a fully-customized Shopify rewards program page that sits within your main site navigation, or integrate your loyalty program across your site by adding individual loyalty components, such as available rewards or referral incentives to more pages.
Branded Loyalty Experiences@3x

Get personal with customers between purchases

Provide personalized loyalty messages by integrating loyalty data across emails, SMS and on-site notifications. With a Shopify loyalty app, your business will be able to communicate points balances, available rewards and incentives to encourage repeat purchases. Use post-purchase messages to incentivize advocacy in the form of referrals and reviews.

Connect your loyalty program across multiple channels

Allow customers to engage with your loyalty program wherever they are shopping. Connect multiple Shopify POS accounts to ensure customers can earn and redeem online and in-store. Use Shopify multi-currency to reach more customers globally, and connect your blog with your store using Shopify Multipass.
Omnichannel Shopify Pos@3x

Trusted by over 10,000 ecommerce merchants worldwide

website visits from referrals within a year
increase in loyalty program members spend compared to guest visitors
higher repeat purchase rates
We're thrilled to have LoyaltyLion as our Shopify loyalty programs partner
Jamie Sutton
Head of Technology Partnerships, Shopify
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