About LoyaltyLion

LoyaltyLion drives customer loyalty for over 2,200 fast-growth ecommerce merchants

Our story so far

Charlie Casey (CEO) and Dave Clark (CTO) founded LoyaltyLion in 2012, with one clear mission: to help retailers succeed in the age of Amazon. They saw that retailers could never compete with Amazon on price or logistics. But they could offer a better customer experience. One that made customers feel valued, rather than like they were just another number. Today, thousands of fast-growth ecommerce merchants use LoyaltyLion and we have offices in the UK and the USA. We already have a number of firsts under our belts - from being the first to reward more than purchases on Shopify, to the first to remove the need for vouchers and have the loyalty program directly in the shopping cart - and our dedicated team of developers will continue to innovate and introduce new features.

Our mission

Our mission is to help fast growth ecommerce retailers succeed. We love that platforms like Shopify, Magento and Bigcommerce have enabled so many entrepreneurs to launch their own companies by lowering the barriers to entry. Ecommerce today is fantastic. It is full of choice and diversity which keeps quality high and prices reasonable. Ecommerce is like the high street before it became dominated by a handful of generic, impersonal businesses. By helping entrepreneurs succeed, we hope to stop ecommerce going the way of the high street - that's why LoyaltyLion exists.

Our investors

LoyaltyLion is backed by industry leading entrepreneurs who bring decades of expertise in loyalty, ecommerce, CRM and data science. Our investors include the first employee and former ecommerce director for ASOS, James Hart and Jan Boluminski, the co-founder of PAYBACK, the world’s largest loyalty company.

Our journey

Hear more about LoyaltyLion’s journey from CEO, Charlie Casey. In this podcast Charlie discusses the innovations that have led LoyaltyLion to where we are today and the challenges in the ecommerce industry that sparked its creation.