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Use LoyaltyLion and together to get the advanced analytics and reporting you need to maximize the ROI of your rewards program.

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Why LoyaltyLion and is an advanced business intelligence platform that connects, transforms, and visualizes all your data in one place. By integrating with LoyaltyLion, you can incorporate your loyalty data with your existing technologies or ecommerce cart to unlock further insights, receive advanced reports, and analyze your loyalty program’s performance.

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increase in loyalty program members returning to make a second purchase
increase in customer spend by loyalty program members
increase in AOV

Blend data for advanced analytics and reports

70% of marketers claim that they don’t fully understand their customers because of the incompatibility between different data sets. Integrating and LoyaltyLion, you can easily connect your loyalty data with your other technologies. Automate reporting tasks, from daily engagement snapshots to scheduled weekly and monthly reports, allowing you to unlock deeper insights. For instance, receive automated reports on how your customers are interacting with your program and see how their behaviors differ from guest shoppers.


See how your loyalty program impacts your bottom line and take action

Using LoyaltyLion and together, you can analyze your customers’ repeat purchase rates, average order values, and lifetime values to better understand the impact of your rewards program and identify further opportunities for growth. See which marketing channels and campaigns are getting the most engagement, and understand where to prioritize your time to drive the greatest ROI and impact your bottom line.


LoyaltyLion and
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