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Maximize your loyalty performance with smart rules and automation

  • Pre-set activity rules that save you time and are proven to work
  • We make it easy to motivate engagement on-site and off-site
  • Integrate with your favorite communication tools to send targeted messages
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Pre-set activity rules proven to work

Inspire customer participation by rewarding their actions. Easily set up automated rules for diverse activities and customize the points awarded. Popular activity rules include:

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Rules that move customers up and down loyalty tiers

Choose a minimum spend or number of points to promote customers to your next loyalty tier.

  • Assign varying levels of points for activities within each loyalty tier.
  • Set points required for certain rewards in each tier.
  • Set the number of months for customers to retain their tier status.

Give more or less points to different customer segments 

Combine Shopify tags with advanced customer segments to manage the number of points you distribute and to who.

  • Tag your top referrers and give them double points for all referrals.
  • Give double points to customers who subscribe to regular deliveries of product.
  • Surprise at-risk customers with extra points to entice them back.
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Automate sending targeted messages at the right time

Integrate with your email, SMS, and communication tools to send highly relevant messages when actions have been taken or not taken.

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