45% increase in AOV achieved by Neom Points

increase in AOV
increase in member spend
increase in repeat purchase


As an advocate for wellbeing, Neom Organics provides natural products for your body and home that lift your mood and help you truly relax.

As a fast-growing brand, the team at Neom Organics were looking to develop a marketing approach that would strengthen their relationships with both their existing customers and all the new customers they were rapidly acquiring. They wanted to create a loyalty program that they can give them authentic reasons to communicate with their customers, and unlock insights that would help them to increase customer lifetime value.


Following a period of exponential growth, the Neom Organics team knew that their main challenge was not to get customers through the doors, but to keep them coming back over time. To answer this challenge, the Neom Organics ecommerce team created Neom Points – a program which awards consumers with five Neom Points for every £1 they spend. Those points can be redeemed at any time for a preferred amount.

In order to strengthen their customer relationships still further, Neom Organics wanted to deliver the most personalised experiences, interacting with customers throughout their journey.

Using LoyaltyLion’s integration with Ometria, Neom Organics was able to enhance their email strategy, applying real-time loyalty data, and unlocking insights that allowed them to deliver personalised loyalty experiences at exactly the right moments. For example, when customers were close to unlocking their next reward, or when they had points available to spend. This encouraged customers to return and make their next purchase sooner.


As a result, Neom Organics increased the average order value of loyalty program members by 65%. Furthermore, by adding more loyalty insights to the emails they were sending via Ometria, Neom Organics increased customer spend by 45% and purchase frequency by 36%.