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Truly increased their repeat purchase rate by 55% thanks to their loyalty program

increase in repeat purchase rates
increase in customer spend


As the second-fastest growing industry in ecommerce with an annual compounded growth rate of 4.75% worldwide, you need to work hard to thrive in the beauty and cosmetics sector. To keep up with the competition and secure customer loyalty, Truly’s team needed to focus on building longer-lasting relationships with their customers that would encourage them to repeat purchase further.


Research shows that 74% of customers are motivated to become loyal if they’re working towards a goal or reward. With this in mind, Truly’s team decided to create a tiered loyalty program that enables customers to unlock incremental benefits with each tier. Loyalty program members can then progress across three levels: “Member”, “Platinum”, and “Diamond”. Within each tier, customers access exclusive benefits.

truly loyaltylion


Thanks to their loyalty program, the team is now generating 20% of the brand’s total revenue from their loyal customers.