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nuud customers spend 153% more than new customers

higher spend from members


Winners of the LoyaltyLion Hall of Fame ‘best use of loyalty for acquisition’ category, nuud wanted to make the most of the fact that 92% of customers believe recommendations from family and friends over any other form of marketing. They knew this would also help them navigate rising acquisition costs.

nuud are a vegan anti-odorant brand that lives for fresh armpits. With their loyalty program, they have put a huge focus on rewarding their existing customers for referring them to like-minded shoppers.


Introducing nuud

nuud’s loyalty and referral program is teased across the site. Even before you log in you are prompted to ‘Earn free nuud’ by sharing the brand with your friends.¬†Then, when you log in, you’re reminded of the perks you could get for referring.

nuud notification

nuud also makes sure to give both the advocate and the referred customer perks, such as 20% discounts or 50 points towards free nuud. This ensures that the exchnage is mutually beneficial.

Finally, nuud doesn’t just promote it’s loyalty and referral program onsite. They also regularly promote across social media and email, increasing the reach of their program by posting it on channels such as Instagram. This encourages existing customers and new followers to recommend them to others, while showing existing customers that they value them.

nuud social


nuud’s loyalty program members spend 153% more than regular customers. This is because once they have referred friends and family members, they return to use the points they have earned on bigger purchases.




The more armpits that use nuud, the faster we can achieve our audacious goal. It's that simple. So unfolding a catching loyalty program with LoyaltyLion is crucial for nuud. And, more importantly, is crucial for our mission. Thanks to the referral program, nuud users have brought in thousands of new armpits this year, and we're excited to continue growing this way.
Chia Emelle
Marketing coordinator at Nuud