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How Vape Shop increased repeat purchases with LoyaltyLion Flows

increase in orders
increase in associated revenues

Vape Shop adopted LoyaltyLion Flows at a very early stage. Their goal was to increase program participation and repeat purchases from returning customers, in order to reduce their reliance on expensive acquisition and discounting.

Implementing a simple, automated flow, Vape Shop began triggering emails to program members when they fulfilled an order, incentivizing them to return and order again within 30 days to receive 50 bonus points.

As a direct result of introducing their first LoyaltyLion Flow, within three months Vape Shop has seen:

  • An additional 2.7% increase in orders
  • A 4% increase in associated revenues

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“Driving repeat purchases has become so much easier with the introduction of LoyaltyLion Flows. We’re comfortable in the knowledge that our loyalty program is working hard and increasing our revenue in the background, with active program members receiving personalized messages that prompt their next purchase. We can’t wait to start introducing more Flows over time.”
Andrew Moss
Vape Shop head of e-commerce