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Pulse Boutique: 39% uplift in returning customers delivered via 'Pulse Perks'

increase in repeat purchase
increase in AOV


Women’s fashion store, Pulse Boutique, wanted to offer their devoted customer base more opportunities to engage with their brand and become part of a friendly fashion community. Working with Swanky, a Shopify Plus agency, they identified that a loyalty program was the missing link in building longer-term customer relationships.



Pulse Boutique worked with Swanky to implement LoyaltyLion on their Shopify Plus store, creating a new loyalty program, Pulse Perks. The program was built to encourage customer engagement on social media, while simultaneously increasing the amount of user-generated content on the website, including written customer reviews and photo submissions.



Since launch, the program has delivered a 39% uplift in returning customers, and a 19% increase in average order value. Pulse Perks has driven $200k in earned rewards purchases to date.