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How Closet London increased its loyalty program members’ repeat purchase rate by 40%

of revenue is coming from loyal customers
increase in repeat purchase rates
increase in customer spend


The fashion industry is the biggest ecommerce sector in the world, and barriers to entry are getting lower. As customers have more choice, their brand loyalty decreases – 75% of shoppers say they have changed brands in 2021.

To build longer-lasting relationships that would keep their existing customers from straying to the competition, Closet London needed to give them more reasons to stay loyal.


As 75% of fashion shoppers are willing to shift brands, Closet London needed to maintain relationships with customers, ensuring they stay top of mind even when they’re not spending. They used LoyaltyLion’s Insights feature to identify their loyal, at-risk, and churned customers. Then, using LoyaltyLion’s integration with Ometria, they personalized their loyalty email campaigns based on customer segments, delivering targeted communications.

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Today, more than 40% of Closet London’s redeeming loyalty program members return to the site to repeat purchase. All in all, their loyalty program members contribute to 33% of their total revenue.