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An integrated Loyalty Page without pop ups

Our designers craft an interactive Loyalty Page that embodies your brand and offers a seamless, pop-up free journey for your customers.

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Better by design

Our proven Loyalty Page format is trusted by thousands of thriving ecommerce brands and is designed with components that excel in boosting enrollment and participation in your program.

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Your Loyalty Page auto-updates with every rule change

With every rule you set, your Loyalty Page automatically updates, making it easier than ever to optimize your program and run short promotions.

  • Introduce new ways to earn points, and watch as your customers’ Loyalty Page instantly updates to display them.
  • Launch double-points promos, and your customers’ Loyalty Page will dynamically adjust to reflect changes in earnable points.
  • Enhance your tiers with fresh perks, and your customers’ Loyalty Page will automatically showcase these new benefits.
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Our Theme Editor puts you in control

Our intuitive Theme Editor gives you total control over your integrated Loyalty Page’s look and feel. Stay agile by customizing each section as your brand and loyalty program evolves.

  • Preview your loyalty page as a customer and see how it looks when they’re logged in.
  • Reorder your Loyalty Page sections and update copy
  • Refresh images and brand colors
  • Refine your loyalty FAQs based on customer feedback

ADVanced options

Seamlessly embed unique loyalty features site-wide

With our APIs and your development team, your customization options are endless

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