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Why pet care retailers choose to build customized loyalty programs with LoyaltyLion

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Competition is high
Pet care ecommerce is expected to reach 55B USD by 2027. With new players in the market, avoid competing on price by offering a different type of value with a loyalty program.
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Acquisition is expensive
In a competitive market, advertising costs increase. Use a loyalty program to drive acquisition more cost-effectively, turning your existing customers into brand advocates that refer friends.
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Shoppers want personalization
Ecommerce is impersonal by nature and with 71% of pet owners saying they’re purchasing online more, maintaining an emotional connection is key.

Success story: Edgard & Cooper

With their loyalty program by their side, Edgard & Cooper have seen a 22% uplift in AOV, a 35% increase in active customers, and their retention rate rise by 38%.

Edgard & Cooper designed their loyalty program around their brand’s values, building emotional connections with the rewards. Customers can exchange points (or “belly rubs”) to feed a rescue dog or to plant a tree. This matches their company-wide pledge to donate 1% of all sales to helping pets in need.

Pet Care Loyalty Program

As a pet care merchant, your future success depends on your existing customers.

So what can you do to drive retention and loyalty for your store?

Reward customers with points for purchases and engagement

Create a loyalty program with a difference, reward customers for purchases and on-site activities – such as joining your program, referrals, reviews, social follows and more.

Customers can collect these points and redeem them for rewards to spend on pet care products at your store, encouraging long-term loyalty and increasing your revenue.

Reward Customers With Points For Purchases And Engagement

Drive customer advocacy

Nurture advocacy by rewarding customers for referring new pet care shoppers to your store or leaving reviews. Not only is this a cost-effective acquisition strategy, but it also grows consumer trust.

Encourage Advocacy

Keep engaging between purchases

Send loyalty emails that communicate your brand’s values, upsell and cross-sell products and are personalized to each individual.


Create emotional connections

Easily customize all elements of your loyalty program and embed individual, on-brand loyalty components anywhere in the customer journey, from product to post-purchase pages.

Keep Engaging Between Purchases

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LoyaltyLion integrates seamlessly with all your existing ecommerce tools and technologies.

Use your loyalty program to power your ESP, review platforms, subscription partners, help desks and more.

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