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Why LoyaltyLion and BigCommerce?

Add a custom loyalty program to your BigCommerce store in minutes with LoyaltyLion - rated 5 stars in the BigCommerce App Marketplace.

Install in minutes
Add a custom loyalty and rewards program to your store in minutes with no technical expertise required.
Increase customer happiness
Encourage long term loyalty and increase revenue by awarding customers points that can be redeemed for rewards at your store.
Generous free plan available
Access a generous free plan which includes up to 800 orders per month and unlimited members.

Reward more than just purchases

Award points for on-site activities such as referrals, reviews, birthdays, social shares or likes and much more. Offer rewards in the form of money-off and free shipping vouchers.

Enhance customer experiences with your loyalty program

Use loyalty tiers to motivate repeat purchases, encourage customer engagement and spend.
Premium Rewards@3x

Build your own, fully-customized loyalty program

Add individual loyalty components to the customer journey, for example showing available rewards on product pages, or adding referral incentives to post-purchase pages. Or build a fully-customized loyalty program page.
Branded Loyalty Experiences@3x

Communicate with customers between purchases

Use loyalty emails and on-site notifications to check in with customers between purchases and re-engage customers who are at risk of churning. Communicate points balances, available rewards and incentives in post-purchase emails to encourage repeat custom, referrals and reviews. Loyalty emails have an average click-through rate of 35%.

Trusted by thousands of fast-growth ecommerce merchants worldwide

increase in customer spend
annual revenue from LoyaltyLion
increase in conversion rates
increase in repeat purchases
LoyaltyLion has been instrumental in helping us identify specific strategies to increase the value of our best customers and expand the membership of the program. We have seen a 164% increase in our loyalty base this year alone. With their partnership, we have tailored our loyalty communications to better address customer needs.
Brittany Chauca
Digital Marketing Manager, Farmacy Beauty
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Explore LoyaltyLion's integrations and see how to improve the effectiveness of your loyalty program by connecting it with your favorite marketing tools and technologies – from ESPs and subscription partners, to review platforms and helpdesk providers.

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