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LoyaltyLion Integrations

Maximize the value of your customers’ loyalty data by integrating with your favorite platforms. Unlock hyper-personalized communications you can send on auto-pilot.

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Platforms we support

LoyaltyLion is built exclusively for Shopify


Connect loyalty to platforms you use every day

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Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus?

Shopify and Shopify Plus both offer powerful tools for e-commerce and integrate seamlessly with LoyaltyLion, but they cater to different types of businesses.

Shopify is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses looking for a comprehensive, user-friendly platform to start and grow their online store. It has all the essentials to sell online, manage products, and process payments.

Shopify Plus is designed for larger businesses and enterprises that need a more robust solution for high-volume orders. It offers greater customization capabilities, enhanced scalability, and dedicated support. Shopify Plus also provides additional API calls, which allows for more integrations and complex automation flows.

Both platforms allow you to craft a loyalty program that enhances customer engagement, regardless of your business size.

How does LoyaltyLion integrate with Shopify?

LoyaltyLion integrates seamlessly with Shopify and Shopify Plus, enhancing your store’s capabilities across several key areas:

Products: LoyaltyLion accesses your store’s product details to manage and update pricing and inventory, essential for setting up product-based rewards and discounts.

Vouchers and discounts: LoyaltyLion creates new voucher codes within Shopify so you can offer discounts or rewards to your customers.

Theme customization: To ensure LoyaltyLion is correctly set up, we require edit access to your store’s theme so we can insert code snippets and integrate our scripts effectively within your existing templates, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Gift Cards (Shopify Plus only): For Shopify Plus merchants, LoyaltyLion can manage Shopify Gift Cards, allowing these to be used as customer rewards. This includes creating and modifying gift cards through Shopify’s APIs.

Wherever Shopify’s features can be leveraged, LoyaltyLion aims to enhance and extend these capabilities, providing a robust loyalty solution that grows with your business.

What data does LoyaltyLion push to my email marketing software?

LoyaltyLion pushes key loyalty data to your chosen email marketing software so you can send targeted, relevant emails to foster customer retention and boost sales.

Total points (pending and approved): Monthly updates on members’ points balance help encourage customers to return and redeem their points.
Approved points (redeemable): Notify members when they’re close to earning a reward to motivate activity completion and repeat purchases.
Spent points: Regularly update members on their spent points to maintain brand engagement and loyalty.
Lifetime points: Segment your most loyal customers based on their lifetime points to offer exclusive rewards and promotions.
Number of rewards claimed: Identify active members to tailor communications and offer personalized incentives.
Date enrolled in program: Celebrate loyalty program anniversaries with surprise bonus points.
Referral URL: Incentivize your loyalty members to ‘Refer a friend’ via email, social or SMS using a referral link.

LoyaltyLion seamlessly integrates with leading email marketing platforms including Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Dotdigital, HubSpot, Omnisend, RedEye and Zaius.

How does LoyaltyLion push customer data to Shopify metafields?

LoyaltyLion can push various customer loyalty data to Shopify customer metafields, including total, approved, pending, and lifetime points, number of rewards claimed, date enrolled in the loyalty program, referral URL, loyalty tier, and the customer’s birthday.

Metafields can be accessed in Liquid templates as well as from the API, enabling powerful integrations and custom interfaces.

To set this up, you’ll manage the integration via the LoyaltyLion admin panel and enable specific metafields for sync.

Shopify metafield sync is available for Shopify merchants on our Classic plan and above.

Learn more about Shopify metafield sync.

How do customers redeem rewards in-store using Shopify POS?

LoyaltyLion seamlessly integrates with Shopify POS, allowing you to provide a comprehensive omnichannel loyalty experience. This feature is included across all pricing plans, enhancing customer engagement at both your online and physical store locations.

To set up:
1. Install the Shopify Cart app extension on your Shopify POS. This creates a unified customer view, consolidating all purchase records in one place.
2. In-store team members can then access and manage customer loyalty points directly as customers shop in-store.

Functionality includes:
Member lookup: In-store team members can access members’ loyalty accounts, review their online purchase histories, and check available points and rewards.
Redeem rewards: Inform customers in-store when they have rewards to redeem, and apply them directly to the customer’s cart within Shopify POS.
– Grant points: Award points that customers can redeem online, encouraging offline to online conversion.

Shopify POS not only enhances customer service but also opens up opportunities to convert in-store visitors into online shoppers.

What are the benefits of using Shopify Flow with LoyaltyLion?

Shopify Flow is Shopify’s automation platform that automates tasks within your store and across apps like LoyaltyLion.

Integration and workflow
LoyaltyLion integrates with Shopify Flow through our Flows feature, available in the Plus Plan. This no-code, visual workflow builder allows you to design 3-step workflows that trigger in response to customer behaviors.

Example of a 3-step workflow:
1. Start: Initiate a workflow from an event in LoyaltyLion.
2. Condition: Set conditions to determine if and when a workflow should run.
3. Action: Complete the workflow by performing a task in LoyaltyLion or through a third-party integration.

Key use cases:

Convert guests to members: After a guest makes a purchase, trigger an email to inform them loyalty points are waiting if they create an account.
Birthday rewards: On a customer’s birthday, automatically send a reward through your integrated email service provider.
Re-engage at-risk customers: If a customer is segmented as “At Risk,” automatically award them 500 points and notify them via email.

Shopify Flow with LoyaltyLion helps you engage customers automatically while providing a tailored experience that boosts satisfaction and retention.

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