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LoyaltyLion for fashion brands 

Loyalty speaks louder than discounts

Stop relying on bargain-hunters and start building genuine connections with your customers

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Fashion brands discount their products 40% more than any other ecommerce industry. 

At LoyaltyLion, we make it easy for you to launch loyalty programs your customers will actually use and love, so you can finally get out of the price-cut spiral (for good). 

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One platform, countless reasons for customers to return

The clothing industry is highly competitive. Your customers need more than just a stylish outfit to stay committed to your brand. They need a complete customer experience that’s convenient, memorable, and personalized based on their unique preferences.

With LoyaltyLion, you can offer your customers value in a variety of different ways, including:

Cater to devoted customers, not deal-hunters

With LoyaltyLion, your customers will become your advocates, spreading the word and attracting new audiences, further amplifying your brand’s reach and revenue.

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Remember— excessive discounting is a race to the bottom. It eats away at profit margins and causes shoppers to question the true value of your products.

Don’t get caught in this damaging cycle. Elevate your brand with a loyalty platform that ensures your customers increase your profit margins rather than reducing them.

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Are you ready to raise your ROI (the easy way)?

Brands using LoyaltyLion find that redeeming loyalty program members are 6X MORE LIKELY to make a second purchase than non-members.

The sooner you pair our platform with your Shopify store, the sooner you can maximize revenue and scale your business.

‘The LoyaltyLove programme has been a great success for Never Fully Dressed. We have since grown our active members by 2.4x and frequently see comments from customers about how much they enjoy accruing (and spending!) their points.” 

– Sukh Takhar, Ecommerce Manager at Never Fully Dressed 

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You can track your progress with LoyaltyLion too

Never wonder what’s working and what isn’t. Our intuitive dashboard will clearly display all key loyalty metrics, telling you:

– Which rewards are being redeemed most frequently
– How many of your loyal customers have leveled up to a new tier
– The average order value of each person in your database
– Where potential customers tend to drop off in your buying cycle
– Which communication channels have the highest engagement rates

Ready to learn how to build your own iconic loyalty program?

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More than 10,000 ecommerce brands already trust LoyaltyLion

We work directly with every customer, assisting them through the setup process and identifying the best strategies to increase retention.

Our existing customers have experienced the positive impact that comes from this hands-on approach, and from integrating their loyalty programs at every stage of their customer journeys. 

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