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LoyaltyLion named #1 in loyalty management category on G2

Wondering what sets LoyaltyLion apart from the rest? We are the leading loyalty management platform on G2 – as voted by our customers. Keep reading to find out more.

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G2 Leaders in Loyalty Management

LoyaltyLion has been named the #1 loyalty management platform on G2. G2 analyzes real customer reviews and company market presence to pinpoint the leaders in the loyalty space. Here are some of the reviews that have helped us to secure the top spot.

Loyalty Leader on G2

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So how are we achieving these results? 

With robust features developed by a team focused 100% on delivering loyalty innovation, we’re proud to deliver:

Not to mention our highly-rated loyalty integrations

Our integrations use loyalty data to power up your existing technologies so you can drive repeat purchases in a more efficient, automated way.

Our features help stores to deliver real results. Our recent successes include:

  • 36% YOY increase in loyalty program sign ups
  • 240% increase in member repeat purchases
  • 2x increase in referrals
  • 40% increase in total revenue
Brands switch to LoyaltyLion because we deliver real results 
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Working with LoyaltyLion, Hat Heaven achieved a 4x increase in customer spend

“The ease of customization and the degree to which it can be done has been a big factor of success for our rewards program. So many of these rewards apps out there only offer a cookie-cutter experience. As a shopper, if you’ve seen one then you’ve seen them all. It comes off as lazy. 

Here at Hat Heaven, we truly believe that returning customers keep our company alive and afloat. Putting in the framework to make sure returning customers are appreciated is a big part of what we do, and LoyaltyLion makes sure it looks beautifully unique on a touchscreen.”

Brian Chun,
Hat Heaven 

A case study tile: Hat Heaven achieved a 4x increase in customer spend

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