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Build a customized loyalty program of your own. LoyaltyLion is a data-driven loyalty and engagement platform, proven to increase repeat purchase and customer lifetime value.

Rated a 5 star loyalty program on the Shopify App Store

  • Glamcodes
    Installing the app was fast and super user friendly
  • Shoptadpole
    We tested a bunch of loyalty apps and this one was the best by far.
  • Lockshop wigs
    Easy to set up and so many customization options. This works for any budget!
  • A Court of Candles
    This is the absolute best reward program out here for Shopify store owners
  • Shop Curly Sue
    This is such a simple and straightforward app to integrate and use!

An introduction to LoyaltyLion

  • Increase Increase customer loyalty, repeat purchases and customer engagement
  • Clock Add a customized loyalty program in minutes with no technical expertise required
  • Present Gain valuable customer insights and understand where to focus your marketing efforts
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Use LoyaltyLion to add your own loyalty program in minutes and gain valuable customer insights.

Increase activity and customer happiness by offering points for any activity including signups, purchases, birthdays, Facebook Likes, social referrals and more. Your customers will collect points and redeem them for rewards to use at your store, which encourages long term loyalty and increases revenue.

Features included in our self-service plans
Available to stores processing up to 800 orders per month
  • loyalty program for small business REWARD ANY ONSITE ACTIVITY
    Reward sign ups, purchases, reviews and much more
  • loyalty program for small business MOBILE OPTIMISED
    Reward your customers wherever they are shopping
  • loyalty program for small business DEEP CUSTOMER INSIGHTS
    Access our free Ecommerce Insights app and see which customers are at risk and need winning back
  • Offer points for onsite customer activities such as visits, account creation and purchases
  • Increase repeat purchases with loyalty rewards that can be redeemed within your store
  • Customise the name and branding of your loyalty program
  • Deliver real-time loyalty notifications
  • Access loyalty analytics and rich customer profiles
  • Operate in any currency
  • Offer a multi-channel program, optimised for mobile, desktop and Shopify POS
  • Manage your program with the ability to block customers and adjust point totals

Create a loyalty program for your small business

Why LoyaltyLion?
LoyaltyLion is an award winning loyalty program company that is trusted by thousands of ecommerce brands and millions of customers worldwide. We have been a Shopify technology partner since 2014 and work with ecommerce stores of all sizes.
We're thrilled to have LoyaltyLion as our Shopify partner.
Jamie Sutton Head of Technology Partnerships, Shopify
Do you know who your unhappy customers are? Find them and turn them into advocates with our free Net Promoter Score app
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Do you know how many customers you lost this week? Identify and engage with loyal or at-risk customers with our free Ecommerce Insights tool
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Ready to start creating the perfect loyalty program for your small business?

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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a loyalty program?

Members of loyalty programs generate between 12 and 18% more incremental revenue growth per year than non-members. Not convinced? Click here for more loyalty facts and figures.

Is a loyalty program right for a small business?

If you’re getting sales, then you have potential people that might want to join your program, engage with your brand, and talk about it to others. We say go for it! Click here to read more about the right time to start a loyalty program.

Why is your pricing based on orders rather than members?

Charging on members is unfair – you end up paying for members that did not use your program that month. We only charge for orders that actually happen.

What do I pay for a self-service LoyaltyLion plan?

Our self-service plans enable you to build a loyalty program for your small business. Stores on our free plan can test out different LoyaltyLion enhancements, while those using our Small Business plan can access a range of features for a fixed monthly price.

Is LoyaltyLion easy to install?

You’ll be able to install LoyaltyLion easily, without any technical expertise! If not, contact us and we’ll help you out.

Can I migrate from another loyalty program?

Sure – after you finish setting up your LoyaltyLion account we can import your existing customer information.

What happens if I exceed the monthly order amount for a self-service plan?

You won’t be automatically moved up a plan if your store starts exceeding the number of orders included in your plan – we’ll get in touch to discuss your requirements.

How can I make sure I'm delivering an ROI on my loyalty program?

As well as the customer analytics available with the free plan, you can also download our free Ecommerce Insights app on Shopify. Use Ecommerce Insights to see the value of your loyal customers, and identify those at risk. This will help you focus your marketing efforts to achieve the highest ROI. Find out more about Ecommerce Insights.