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Why LoyaltyLion and Zaius?

Zaius is an activated customer data platform that supports ecommerce stores to increase their customer lifetime value by delivering relevance across the entire customer journey and providing advanced customer segmentation. With this integration, you can sync your customers’ loyalty data into Zaius to supercharge your segmentation and create personalized content instantly across all channels.

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increase in loyalty program members returning to make a second purchase
increase in customer spend by loyalty program members
increase in AOV

Level-up your segmentation to deliver more personalized communications

Shoppers are no longer satisfied with a “one-size fits all” approach. 72% of consumers are only engaging with brands that deliver personalized communications. By integrating Zaius with LoyaltyLion, you can easily segment your guest visitors and loyalty program members based on their individual buying behavior and program engagement. For instance, you can segment your loyalty members based on their tier levels, and design a hyper-targeted marketing campaign to boost the lifetime value of your most valuable customers.


Analyze your customers’ engagement patterns and increase retention

For the average ecommerce store, 43% of profits come from retained shoppers. Use Zaius and LoyaltyLion together to increase retention by identifying the exact moment that a customer starts to disengage. Zaius analyzes each of your customers’ unique patterns of engagement, giving you the power to re-engage fading customers before they churn and encourage them to return to your store by sending points expiry emails or personalized promotional campaigns.


LoyaltyLion and Zaius loyalty program software integration

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