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Using LoyaltyLion and Shogun together, you can deliver optimized and seamless loyalty experiences for your customers via your headless storefront.

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Shogun brings new possibilities to merchants looking to push the limits of modern ecommerce and deliver an engaging shopping experience.

Shogun delivers the benefits of headless commerce without the headache, transforming your store into a Progressive Web App (PWA) with greater merchandising capabilities, advanced content management, and unmatched performance.


Why LoyaltyLion and Shogun?

Quick and painless setup

The LoyaltyLion x Shogun integration makes it easy to integrate your headless storefront with LoyaltyLion’s functionality.

As a result, you can set up your loyalty program quickly and begin increasing your CLTV sooner. In fact, customers using this integration have seen a 30.1% increase in AOV.

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Optimize your loyalty program

The LoyaltyLion x Shogun integration gives you the customization capabilities to create more inclusive and personalized experiences that make customers feel part of your brand.

Create a second-to-none loyalty experience within your headless architecture, that meets your needs and exceeds your customers’ expectations.

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What does this mean for your customers’ shopping experience?

Hyper-personalized customization throughout the frontend journey

35% increase in site speed

5x faster page-to-page load time


What does this mean for your site?

30.8% increase in revenue per user

25% increase in conversion rate

15.6% decrease in bounce rate


LoyaltyLion x Shogun integration walkthrough

Take a look at our Shogun integration and its capabilities in this walkthrough video.

Use LoyaltyLion and Shogun to enhance your loyalty program now

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