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Agency Partnerships with LoyaltyLion

Help your merchants drive greater customer life, AOV and cost-effective acquisition through our Agency Partner Program

Why partner with LoyaltyLion?

At LoyaltyLion, agency partnerships are important to us. We see the great value in working closely with our agency partners to help clients drive repeat business and increase their customer lifetime value. 

LoyaltyLion agency partners have helped thousands of merchants create loyalty programs that go beyond points and rewards, driving customer retention and more cost-effective acquisition through better customer relationships.

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Our Agency Partner Program

Our tiered partner program offers our valued agency partners a clear journey to working more closely with LoyaltyLion, as well as access to perks, incentives and revenue opportunities. 

By meeting the requirements of each tier, you’ll unlock a range of opportunities, including co-marketing, lead sharing, access to priority support and so much more. 

For a detailed description of the benefits and requirements of the program, and our tier structure, take a look at our Agency Partner Program guide.

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