Skinnydip Airlines increased its member spend by 84%

increase in member spend
increase in repeat purchase


When Skinnydip first met LoyaltyLion, the brand already had a strong community and were ready to fly. To increase repeat purchase rates and drive their ecommerce growth further, they needed to enhance brand engagement and strengthen relationships with their loyal customers.


Skinnydip has a unique brand identity and community, therefore, they needed to create a loyalty program as unique as their brand. So as a natural extension of their brand, Skinnydip designed a fully-customised loyalty program and named it “Skinnydip Airlines”. With their iconic pastel pink and green colour palette paired with a playful tone of voice, the program’s kept consistent with the brand’s much-loved identity.

To increase repeat purchase and engagement still further, Skinnydip’s team also implemented a tiered loyalty program structure. Members can progress across four levels; Check-in, Departure Lounge, Boarding and Take-Off. For each level, Skinnydip offers exclusive rewards and benefits to encourage members to repeat purchase. For example, members who are “boarding” and have more than 2500 points have access to secret sales and promotions. Thanks to their integrated loyalty page, members can see which tier they’re in and how many points they need to level-up when they log in.

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To drive engagement between purchases, while encouraging brand advocacy, Skinnydip also offers 150 points to those who refer the brand to others and give out 50 points for product reviews.


Thanks to their on-brand loyalty program, their redeeming loyalty program members now spend 84% more than non-redeeming and have a 69% higher repeat purchase rate. Skinnydip Airlines has only very recently taken off. Stay tuned to hear what’s coming next.

"As a playful concept centered around giving our customers exclusive rewards, working with Loyalty Lion on Skinnydip Airlines has been a really exciting project for us. We’re really looking forward to watching our brand new loyalty programme evolve and grow in the coming months."
Meghan Lewis, Head of Ecommerce