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Waterdrop increased their member spend by 90%

increase in member spend
increase in repeat purchase rates


waterdrop loyaltylion

There has been a 243% increase in the beverage subscription numbers compared to 2019. Yet, nearly 40% of subscribers cancel within six months. With this in mind, Waterdrop’s team wanted to find a business solution that keeps their subscribers signed up, and as a result, they can scale their business faster.


To achieve this, Waterdrop decided to create an on-brand loyalty program that includes a subscriber tier using LoyaltyLion’s integration with ReCharge. This allowed them to provide exclusive benefits that show their customers it’s worth staying subscribed to the brand. The next step was to communicate about their program. So they created an integrated loyalty page where they communicate about the benefits of their program. Furthermore, using LoyaltyLion’s integration with Klaviyo, they integrated their email marketing with their loyalty strategy. Today they also promote their program via their social media ads and accounts to boost engagement.


By putting loyalty at the heart of their marketing strategy, they increased their customer spend by 90% and repeat purchase rate by 70%.