Overtone increased its customer spend by 20% in three months

increase in customer spend
of annual revenue is coming from their loyal customers


As a cruelty-free fantasy color depositing conditioner brand, Overtone has a spectacular brand community. When Overtone announced that their Purple for Brown Hair Deep Treatment and Daily Hair Conditioner will be released in January, they already had a 4,000 – person waitlist. However, to build longer-lasting relationships and delight their loyal customers, they needed to create a loyalty program.


To individually recognize and reward their loyalty, Overtone implemented an on-brand tiered loyalty program structure. Their loyalty program is made up of three levels respectively: Pastel, Vibrant, and Extreme. To encourage members to repeat purchase further, Overtone offers two points per dollar spent for the members who are in the Pastel tier, while they offer four points per dollar spent if they move up to the next tier, Vibrant. As members collect more points, they are able to redeem more exclusive rewards.


Thanks to Color Club, Overtone has seen a 20% increase in customer spend by their loyalty program members.

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