Boucleme began to generate more than 62% of their revenue from their loyal customers

increase in member spend
revenue from generating loyal customers
increase in repeat purchase rate
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Boucleme have a strong set of brand values, which are evident from the moment you land on their site, and they had identified a loyalty program as a vehicle to communicate them. However, their loyalty program was not delivering the results they hoped for. When they came to LoyaltyLion, they were looking for a new provider with functionality to help them better communicate their brand values, and with the loyalty expertise that would drive greater ROI.


Boucleme already had a tiered loyalty program structure with their existing loyalty provider. Yet, their repeat purchase rates weren’t high enough to cover their investment. So Boucleme redefined the benefits of their tiered loyalty program structure, just like – as their slogan says – they redefine curls. The exclusive benefits that they included within their tiers include money-off rewards, double points days, and early access to sales or to new products.

Then, using LoyaltyLion’s Custom Rewards functionality, they updated their program to ensure that it fully aligned with the causes they were already supporting. For instance, once members have collected 500 points, they can either donate to Trees For The Future or to Malaika, an NGO that empowers girls in the Democratic Republic of Congo through education.

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Boucleme’s team was determined to maximize the potential of their loyalty program. With a little support, they integrated loyalty with their existing marketing strategies. Today they have built a loyal brand community that generates 62% of their revenue. By creating an on-brand tiered loyalty structure with exclusive benefits, they increased their members’ repeat purchase rates by 39%. Their redeeming loyalty program members also spend 45% higher than non-redeeming members.

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