Ecommerce loyalty 2017 trends and predictions

We’d encourage all our readers to review their year and set themselves targets and goals for the following year.

We recently did ours.

We want to look at some of the trends for ecommerce in 2017. Things you might already be thinking about, or perhaps things you really need to get started on. They are:

  • Focus on customer experience omnichannel
  • Shipping
  • Using data
  • Rewards
  • Cyber November

Focus on customer experience omnichannel

In 2017, we predict merchants will have a much stronger emphasis on providing the best customer experience they can.

Specifically when it comes to omnichannel ecommerce. Having a greater understanding that customers are on a buying journey and will go along their journey using different mediums (mobile, tablet, desktop).

Merchants will strive to provide as seamless an experience as they can.


With local drop-off points, click and collect, and same day delivery becoming the norm now, in 2017, merchants will have to work hard to make sure they’re able to fulfill all their orders and make sure they’re systems are working effectively.

Using data

The use of data in shopping and analysis should increase in 2017. Shoppers are becoming more and more savvy with how they buy and what they buy.

It’s important for merchants to collect as much data about their customers and potential customers in order to provide the best and most useful products and services for their customers.


It goes without saying that we believe loyalty and rewards will increase in their intensity in 2017. We think more and more ecommerce vendors will implement a loyalty program and begin working much more closely on their customer retention strategy.

Cyber November

Some experts are suggesting that we remove the concept of Cyber Monday and Black Friday, which are two days during November where there are huge discount sales.

Instead of the two days, experts predict the entire month of November, will be known as Cyber November, where customers can expect to see discounts for the entire month.

What are some of your resolutions for this year and where do you think ecommerce will take us this year?

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