Increased repeat purchase rate of 63% for REN Clean Skincare

higher customer spend
higher repeat purchase rates
of revenue generated by loyal members


Having been in the cosmetics ecommerce market for over two decades, REN Clean Skincare has built a strong brand identity following across both their online and offline platforms. However, they felt that they could do more to align with their customers, building longer-term, more valuable relationships by showing that they share the same values.


First, being advocates for a clean and sustainable world, REN Clean Skincare’s doctrine needed to be visible within every element of their brand. Working with Eastside Co, first, they designed a user-friendly store on Shopify Plus, that was consistent with their ethos and branding. To enhance repeat purchase and brand engagement further, REN’s team decided it was time to kickstart customer retention with a loyalty program. REN and Eastside Co worked together, using LoyaltyLion, to create a fully-customized and on-brand tiered loyalty program called “Clean Collective Rewards”. REN’s team wanted to motivate their environmentally-conscious community to jump to the next tier while supporting a cause they believed in. Therefore, they enabled members to progress across three levels respectively: Ally, Advocate, and Activist.

REN also created opportunities for loyalty program members to earn points for a social media following, by joining their mailing list or by leaving reviews to build a more engaged online community. Having started to build an engaging community, REN’s team began offering members bonus points if they referred them to a friend to increase customer acquisition and program engagement more cost-effectively.


By creating a fully-customized integrated loyalty page and turning members into loyal advocates, REN’s team saw a 68% increase in customer spend by loyalty program members. Member repeat purchase rates also grew, reaching values that were 63% higher than guest visitors. As a result, REN now generates 38% of their total revenue from their loyal customers.

From the initial introduction through to service implementation, and then seeing fantastic results on mutual client sites, the whole process works brilliantly, we're always delighted to work with LoyaltyLion.
Jason Stokes
CEO and Founder, Eastside Co