Vitabiotics increased its customer spend by 67% thanks to their loyalty program

increase in member spend by loyalty program members compared to guest visitors
of annual revenue is coming from loyal customers
increase in repeat purchase rate by loyalty program members compared to guest visitors


Reaching $32 billion, the online vitamin and food supplements industry is growing faster than any other industry in ecommerce. As a pioneer in the nutritional healthcare industry for more than 45 years, Vitabiotics offers a rich range of vitamins and food supplements for everyone.

However, in order to order to enhance their brand community and differentiate from their competitors, Vitabiotics was looking for a business solution.


As a solution, Vitabiotics’ team decided to create a loyalty program that enhances their brand community and increases their repeat purchase rates. First, Vitabiotics’ ecommerce team designed a fully-customized loyalty program that offers a user-friendly experience throughout the customer journey. To increase program engagement and repeat purchase rate, Vitabiotics enabled its members to earn seven points for every pound spent.

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To increase customer spend more, Vitabiotics also allows its customers to see points that they can earn under every product, and also lets customers refer friends with one-click and use check-out slider at the checkout.


As a result, today, Vitabiotics generates 39% of its annual revenue from its loyal customers. Furthermore, Vitabiotics’ team saw a 67% increase in customer spend by loyalty program members compared to guest visitors, and a 43% increase in repeat purchase rate by program members compared to guest visitors.

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