Premium footwear brand uses loyalty to help boost revenue by 226%

Footwear retailer case study


increase in conversion


increase in revenue per user


increase in monthly revenue

‘LoyaltyLion, being a nearly native element of Shopify Plus when using their software development kit (SDK), was stupidly easy to develop with. All we had to do was tweak the messaging on the pop-up and all of the functional elements were taken care of by LoyaltyLion.’

Dave Shaw, Head of Development


A premium footwear retailer was struggling with an under-performing loyalty program, with low enrollment rates and little ongoing engagement post sign-up. The brand needed to revamp their program in order to positively impact their site conversion.


Swanky, a Shopify Plus agency, worked with the merchant to redesign the program. Reworking the loyalty program landing page and AB testing pop-ups, they ensured that customers were immediately aware of the benefits of enrolling in the program, which in turn dramatically increased awareness and signups.

A closer look at how Swanky used LoyaltyLion to turn the program around

Redesigning the loyalty program landing page

Swanky used LoyaltyLion’s new SDK to redesign the brand’s loyalty program to ensure that all the perks of membership were listed above the fold of the page. This encouraged signups as it helped customers to quickly understand the different ways they could benefit from joining - from access to new products and exclusive ranges to discount codes and birthday rewards. Since launching the new loyalty program landing page, 13% of all new loyalty program subscribers have made a purchase within the first 14 days of signing up to the new loyalty program.

A/B Testing sign-up pop-ups

Swanky also experimented with implementing sign-up pop-ups across the site. They used these pop-ups to advertise additional earning opportunities - for example, the chance to collect additional points by referring a friend. They used to implement and A/B test popups, optimising to ensure minimal disruption to the customer experience, and maximum impact on sign-ups and revenue. Within five months of re-launch, this new approach drove a 226% increase in monthly revenue, with revenue per user increasing by 52.82% year on year.

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