Boody: 25% increase in customer spend by loyalty program members in a single month

increase in customer spend in a single month


Boody’s team approached LoyaltyLion because they were looking to create a fully-customised loyalty program that would reflect their unique brand philosophy and strengthen the relationship with their customers.



Boody implemented a tiered program structure based on their key brand values: comfort and goodness. By earning ‘comfort points’, members can progress across three levels respectively, ‘Goodness Explorer’, ‘Goodness Catalyst’ and ‘Goodness Advocate’. To increase customer acquisition and advocacy, Boody also designed a referral strategy that helps members to earn extra Comfort Points and become an advocate by referring to a friend.

boody loyaltylion


In a single month, Boody increased its customer spend by 25% from loyalty program members. Boody has also seen an uplift in traffic, database and their social media engagement. Boody’s CEO, Shaun Greenblo, says “we are now keen to build on this success and for ‘the Goodness Corner’ to become a key pillar in our brand’s online presence and identity”.

"We approached LoyaltyLion because we were looking to create a rewards program that would further strengthen our relationship with our customers. We wanted it to reflect our unique brand philosophy and identity, and LoyaltyLion helped us achieve just that with its completely customisable integration." Shaun Greenblo, Managing Director at Boody