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June & January's program increased its repeat purchase rate by 42%

Increase in customer spend by redeeming loyalty program members
Increase in repeat purchase rates by redeeming loyalty program members


June & January has a tiered loyalty program structure to reward their community and increase repeat purchase rates. However, with their existing loyalty provider, June & January were unable to provide exclusive benefits for each tier. Furthermore, they were only able to create a pop-up for their loyalty program, preventing customers from having a fully integrated loyalty experience as part of their shopping journeys.

To better communicate their loyalty program and encourage repeat purchase further with exclusive benefits, the team at June & January decided to migrate to LoyaltyLion.


To provide an on-brand loyalty destination, June & January created a dedicated landing page for J&J Perks within their store’s code and included it within their main navigation header by using LoyaltyLion’s Integrated Loyalty Page.

Then, to increase their repeat purchase rates further, they began to provide exclusive benefits for each tier.  To design exclusive, custom rewards for their members that would motivate them to keep returning in order to move through the tiers, they used LoyaltyLion’s API alongside Shopify Scripts.

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As a result of their rewarding strategy, the repeat purchase rates of June & January’s redeeming program members is 42% higher than that of their non-redeeming members.  Today, June & January’s loyalty program members spend 52% more than guest visitors, and loyalty program purchases make up 36% of their total revenue.